Kristin Pruis, owner of K Design Co.

Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I'm Kristin Pruis. I started K Design Co. in 2011 looking for a way to help small business owners take their businesses to the next level through professional-looking design. I received my BFA from Herron School of Art & Design, but I also have a huge passion for marketing and business as demonstrated by my current pursuit of an MBA. I love helping others realize their potential and work towards their business goals using graphic design as a strategic tool. I partner with other freelancers and local professionals to augment my services making me able to provide a breadth of visual, content and marketing solutions.

I work from my home studio in Indianapolis for businesses with all types of backgrounds including small businesses, startups, non-profits and churches. I'm a curious and passionate learner with a knack for details and affinity for clean design. Also, I'm a member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists. Let's work together.

Why Work With K Design Co.?


Design is not my hobby. It's my passion. Achieving your deadline and projects goals is how we measure our success.


A variety of services gives you the ability to tackle all your projects in one place creating a consistent look and feel.


I'm committed to finding the best solutions for your biz, even if that means asking tough questions to get there.

Who Works with K Design Co.?