Branding & Logo Design Services

branding & logo design

Does your brand feel broken? Or maybe non-existent? Then it's time to set your self apart with a consistent professional look. Whether you need a logo design or need a complete branding strategy, K Design Co. can help. Branding your business is a big deal and can mean so much more than deciding what colors to use in your logo. By laying the groundwork with research, K Design Co. will craft your message first and then explore the visual elements of your brand.

Your business is unique. No one else can tell your business' story better than you. Collaborating directly with you, K Design Co. will build from the foundation of your mission, values, and target audience and create your new logo design and brand elements with distinction and appeal.

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Branding & Logo Design Services

logo design

Tell your business' story with a custom logo design, skillfully composed with typography, color and imagery.


Complete your brand and set the mood with a curation of patterns, imagery, textures and style treatments.


Create brand consistency with guidelines to outline your brand elements including logo, font, color and type usage.


Apply your new logo design and brand elements to business cards, letterhead, envelopes and more.


Convert and digitize your logo design into industry-standard file formats for print and digital use.

logo refresh

Tweak, refresh or polish your existing outdated logo design, without starting from scratch.