graphic design portfolio

Use the tabs below labeled Brand, Print, Web and Digital to navigate through a sampling of K Design Co.'s graphic design work. Don't see an example of something here? Just ask and we'll be happy to work with you to create it or dig up a past project to show you.

Featured Branding & Logo Design Work

logo design
Weightloss Clinic Logo Design

A logo for a medical weight loss clinic created under the employment of Element Three.

Field + Foreman Land Management Logo Design
Land Management Logo

Rustic logo design for a land management company created in collaboration with Raygun Workshop.

Delivery Service Logo Design
Delivery Service Logo Design

Logo design created for a local delivery service focusing on speed and reliability.

Friends of Los Ninos Logo Design
Charity Logo Design

A logo design created for a children's charity supporting the needs in Honduras.

Agriculture Research Logo
Agriculture Research Logo

Logo design for an Agriculture Research company created in collaboration with Raygun Workshop.

Canine Accessories Logo Design
Canine Accessories Logo

Logo design and brand development for a canine accessories boutique.

Featured Print Design & Promotion Work

Yoh Staffing Corporate Poster Series Design
Sign Series

A sign series for a staffing company created under the employment of Element Three.

Senior Health Program Newsletter
Senior Health Program Newsletter

Stylish quarterly newsletter design for senior health advocacy program.

Health Coach Brochure Design
Health Coach Brochure Design

Designed a tri-fold brochure to promote services for a health and wellness coach.

Giving Campaign Design
Giving Campaign Design

Designed memorable giving campaign suite including event invitation, pledge cards, brochure and program.

Wealth Management Sales Sheet
Wealth Management Sales Sheet

Cool and clean marketing flyer designed for a wealth management company.

Saint Maria Goretti Event Poster Design
Poster & Banner Design

Signage developed for a church to promote an upcoming event celebrating various ministries.

Featured Website Design Work

Hair Salon Website Design
Hair Salon Website Design

Developed a completely custom website design for a local, popular growing hair salon.

Concrete Supplier Website Design
Custom Concrete Supplier Web Design

A custom portfolio website design for a local materials supplier created with Pickett & Associates.

Therapist Website Design
Therapist Squarespace Website Design

Clean and simple web design + SquareSpace site customization for a network of therapists.

Gender-balanced Leadership Website
Gender-balanced Leadership Website

Website promoting gender-balanced leadership created in partnership with DropLeaf Co.

Custom Charity Website Design
Children's Charity Website Design

A custom website design for a children's charity supporting the needs in Honduras.

Mindfull Motivator SquareSpace Website Redesign
Health Coach Website Redesign

Migrated existing Wordpress website to SquareSpace platform for a wellness coach.

Featured Digital Design Work

Digital eBook Template Design
Digital eBook Design

Template design for an eBook publication created under the employment of Element Three.

Mobile App Design
Mobile App Design

A fun and festive mobile app created under the employment of Element Three.

3D App Game Graphics Design
Custom 3D Game Graphics

Designed custom 3D graphics for a game concept including gameplay simulation and app icon.